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Through Training, Research, Consultancy and Partnerships, IECDS now stands out as one of Africa’s lead centers of excellence on Environment, Climate Change and Development Sustainability. This has been acknowledged through its accreditation to various national and global environment and climate change institutions including the UN Climate Change Convention Secretariat, UN Green Climate Fund and the IPCC. I encourage donors, partners and volunteers to join forces with IECDS in its quest to unleash the potential of knowledge that transforms our societies for our development today and for the better future. For this, I have faith in the IECDS management team and I implore you, the management, to focus on your immense potential to change the environment we live in for the better through knowledge sharing, research, partnerships and strategic support to communities and governments. You have always strived to go beyond academic programmes and not contented yourselves with staying ‘within the box’. You are already part of the global education and capacity building system. Continue to be bold and rethink education that can instill courage and a desire to dare, create and do.

Friends and students, let me assure you that IECDS is determined to unleash the potential of our communities on taking care of our environment through a nationally and globally recognized education system. IECDS is determined to providing education, and undertake research and projects that help communities and governments to address the impact of climate change and tap into the global decarbonization, renewable energy, and other mitigation opportunities. The opportunities offered by IECDS be it through diploma and certificate courses as well as short and tailor-made courses, or research, project implementation and consultancies have effectively transformed attendants, institutions and capacities of communities to better address the environmental and climate change challenges they face and opportunities therefrom. I invite you all to explore the services offered by this visionary Institute.

Dr. Richard Muyungi


  • 03rd March, 2023End of semester I and beginning of semester break

  • 16th March, 2023Academic Committee meeting

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