Welcome to IEDS

The Institute for Environment, Climate and Development Sustainability (IEDS), is a specialized Environment and climate Institute based in Bunju B’ Dar es Salaam, Tanzania , aiming at providing professional training in the fields of environment and climate change for sustainable development. IEDS is affiliated to Environmental Protection and Management Services (epmsafrica.org); which is an independent   organization established in 1997, dedicated to working with the global community in addressing the increasing climate change and environmental challenges, through collaborative research, policy studies and networking for sustainable development. IEDS is a private not-for-profit leader in training, research, and the international exchange of people and ideas related to development sustainability, Environment and Climate Change.

In collaboration with governments, foundations, partners, volunteers   and sponsors, IEDS has programs of study and training for students, educators and professionals from all sector in Tanzania, across Africa and beyond. Since its inception, the aim has been to produce trained technicians who will work flexibly in different climate change and environmental management activities, through competence-based curriculum in Environmental Science and Management.

Our Vision

To be a Centre of excellence in delivering high quality training, research, and consultancy services in climate change, environment and natural resources management.

Our Mission:

To provide high quality professional training at craft and supervisory level, to meet the needs of various   stakeholders in the areas of environment, natural resources   and climate change nationally and internationally.

Organisational Values

Our organizational core value is “At all times we act with integrity, providing quality service, being reliable and responsible”.

This core value states how employees are expected to relate to their external and internal customers including stakeholders and how they will accomplish their work in carrying out the mission of the Institute.

Currently, IEDS is the only Tanzanian and Eastern Africa Training Institute accredited to the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat in Bonn, Germany with global recognition in environment and climate change training. IEDS’s  Climate Change Programme offers a range of services, within Tanzania and across Africa including executive training, capacity development for other education and training institutions, support for national learning strategies, learning methodology development, and knowledge-sharing.

Activities are carried out through partnerships with other international institutions such as in UK (International Institute  for Environment and Development- IIED; and The European Capacity Building Initiative at Oxford University); Bangladesh (the International Centre  for Climate Change and Development –ICCAD); and  Dubai, Saudi Arabia (The Solomon People Solution Training Centre, Dubai).

Basic Certificate in Environmental Science and Management:

Students who wish to study Basic Technician Certificate (BTC) in environmental science and management studies courses must possess at least pass mark of D in four (4) subjects at their National Form Four Examination recognized by NECTA. One of the D must be science subject or Geography.

For form six leavers who wish to study the same course, must have at least one principal pass in any of the science subjects or Geography and one subsidiary pass.

Diploma in Environmental Science and Management

Students who wish to study diploma in Environmental Science and Management must possess a basic certificate recognized by NACTE in any of the natural science subjects such as Agricultural, Forestry, Wildlife, Fisheries or Health.

For form six leavers must possess one principal pass in any of the science subjects or Geography and any one subsidiary pass.

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